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Our Team

Vision Healthcare 
It has become clear that technology and its applications are changing the face of the care industry and we are no exception to this. Led by Barnaby Griffith, Vision Healthcare has introduced new technology, a variety of innovations and fresh working methods. We have also built a team of whom we are justifiably proud.

The growth and development aims we have established require a dynamic, representative and independent board to forge new strategies and alliances over the next five years. The values, leadership principles and management processes required within the care sector are themselves changing rapidly as the full scale of the challenges facing social care become clearer.

Our constant goals are to provide outstanding care and a wonderful place to work. Our team possess excellent knowledge and understanding of the industry and its associated needs and regulations. Our company values are at the core of our people and business, with strong, realistic and measurable organisational goals to drive the business forward in a profitable and value-based way. Innovation is the heart of our business, we are both ethical and eco-friendly (paperless), with a proven ability to meet the challenges of the care sector in 2018 and beyond thorough exceptional leadership and innovation.

It our mission to provide outstanding care for people who live in our homes both long term and who make use of our respite service.  

Our services are run by experienced, dedicated staff, together with whom, we strive to provide a wonderful place to work. Unity Care Group has a strong commitment to investment in our people, which help us provide a high ratio of specialist staff to our residents. This enables us to offer outstanding care that is genuinely safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.  Each resident living or receiving day-care within our homes or services helps our care professionals develop an individual, person centred care plan, reviewed monthly and updated as required, to reflect the person’s changing needs.

Our team includes skilled individuals with specialisations that make us a powerful and effective professional group.  These specialisations range from pure health care, through extensive business experience, to cutting edge Innovation, information communication technology and leadership and management expertise throughout the team, including our frontline care staff. We believe that it is this range of competencies that gives our company a unique edge.